This shot was taken a couple of years ago in the Owens Valley near Bishop, Ca while on my way to the White Mountains for an overnight ride.  After starting out riding in the dark it’s always nice to see the sun begin to rise and feel the warmth of the sun on your face.  There’s definitely a primal aspect to it that speaks to deep areas within our genetic makeup, and on some level I’m almost certain that the stones of the mountains feel it too.  I have no question that the mountains are just as happy to see the sun as we are after a cold night.

I love this time of day and this type of scene, the perfect moment where day and night hang suspended from the edges like children on either end of the celestial teeter totter.  Such an innocent scene, each dangling their feet beneath them while encased in the all-encompassing Present.  It does one good to be in the present and free from the obligations that are highlighted in the light of day as well as the fears that dwell in the shadows.

During moments like this when everything is right, the rising day roams the far side of the valley while night lingers in the vanishing shadows casting but one last sideways glance before dissolving into the mist of consciousness that is day with its chores, deadlines, bills and all of the other clutter that fills our brains while “conscious”.

But until then there is one perfect moment when it all hangs in the balance.  It simply is.

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5 Responses to Unbalanced

  1. ArtbyErika says:

    Very inspired writing I enjoyed it!

  2. ArtbyErika says:

    I enjoyed getting a very candid glimpse of the depth of your passion.

  3. Rick F says:

    It’s easy for me to get preoccupied with things like the cold, or the heat, or the difficulty of the climb, or the head wind, or the leftover sensations of the city, etc. But I relish the times when all that goes away and I can focus solely on the beauty and magic of the ride. You’ve managed to capture that here.

  4. Tom says:

    Thanks Rick, it is a great feeling! I was lucky to have one of those days yesterday too, I’ll have to post about it when I dig out from all the obligations of life – you know, when I find some balance 😉

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