May the Friluftsliv Be With You

Occasionally I get an idea in my head and like getting water in my ears after diving into a pool, no matter how hard I smack the side of my head I just can’t get it out of there.  Currently I’m fixated on the idea of going to Scandinavia for a winter vacation next spring. It’ll probably never happen, but the idea of picking a few locales to visit while doing some skiing, maybe undertaking a longer fat biking adventure all while taking in a new culture seems really enticing.  However seeing as how I’m still collecting bottles and cans for redemption to pay off my last excursion into that area of the world I might have to start smacking my head a little harder to get any Nordic thoughts out of there.  It’s still nice to dream though isn’t it?

Nothing against Finland or Sweden as I’d go back to either of those countries in a heartbeat if given more time, but Norway is looking like an Eden of sorts and the more I read the more intrigued I become.  Today’s daydream has been focused on riding part of the Finnmarkslopet sled dog race course in the far north of the country.  Just as many do in Alaska around the time of the Iditarod, why not start riding on the heels of the race and take advantage of the track that’s been laid down?  In theory it sounds perfect: long spring days spent exploring and exercising in a unique setting.  What could be better?

Setting aside that thought for a moment (before my bubble bursts), another fun aspect of my daydreaming was stumbling upon the term “Friluftsliv”, the Norwegian term that encapsulates the Scandinavian outdoor dynamic with nature. Read more about it here as it’s a concept that I wish more Americans would embrace.  The term may appear to be untranslatable at first glance but I understand it completely, and if you enjoy uncomplicated communion with nature I’m sure you will too.



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