Squirming on a Dunghill Calling to the Gods

I hate it when I want to write something but have no time to sit down and do it.  Instead I’ll resort to the lazy blogger’s trick and do a Photo Friday post, albeit with a lengthy quote from one of the original “adventure bloggers”, Jack London. I think the passage below fits this scene, a remarkable and dynamic sunset I witnessed while on a ride outside of Bishop, CA last weekend.  Although if you have the time, the three short chapters from his book “John Barleycorn” where he traces the history of his ranch and debates his grinning death skull are some of his best writing.  True, he’s writing of his own struggle with alcoholism, but he’s also confronting mortality.

Thus concludes this week’s literary session seen through the spokes of a wheel 🙂


“Man refuses to accept his own passing. He will not pass. He will live again if he has to die to do it. He shuffles atoms and jets of light, remotest nebulae, drips of water, prick-points of sensation, slime-oozings and cosmic bulks, all mixed with pearls of faith, love of woman, imagined dignities, frightened surmises, and pompous arrogances, and of the stuff builds himself an immortality to startle the heavens and baffle the immensities. He squirms on his dunghill, and like a child lost in the dark among goblins, calls to the gods that he is their younger brother, a prisoner of the quick that is destined to be as free as they–monuments of egotism reared by the epiphenomena; dreams and the dust of dreams, that vanish when the dreamer vanishes and are no more when he is not.” –  Jack London


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2 Responses to Squirming on a Dunghill Calling to the Gods

  1. mike on bike says:

    A beautiful picture and reference to one of my favorite books. Score one for lazy posts! 😉

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks! This was one of those rides when I wished i had brought my camera with me (this is a cell phone shot). But when you couple it with some great words from Jack London it seems to work 🙂

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