Lazy Guy on a Bike


If you’re ever looking for bicycle-fueled inspiration be sure and check out Crazy Guy on a Bike, an incredible collection of journals, reviews and articles geared toward the touring cyclist.  I’ve been reading it for years and never become bored as there are some people out there doing some incredible things with their bikes!  If you’re considering a trip by bike this is your first stop as the wealth of information contained in the archives is absolutely astounding.

As an added bonus, reading through some journals this past week of trips in far-flung places inspired me to get off my butt and start commuting to work again via bike.  This lazy guy needs to start riding more, even if my grand adventures currently consist of watching the sun rise over my handlebars on the way to work in the morning.  There are worse ways to spend the wee hours of the day… and small adventures lay the groundwork to tackle those larger dreams.

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