All Work and Some Rain Makes Doughboy Think of Snow


I once read that every raindrop begins life as a snowflake in the upper reaches of the atmosphere. I’m not sure how true that is, but it sure is a nice thought to have when you step outside on a rainy day like the one we are having here today.  It makes me smile at least.  Not that rain is a bad thing of course (especially here in perpetually parched Southern California), but rain truly gets no respect in the precipitation world.  Whenever I peruse the newsfeed of my Facebook page in winter I’m bound to see pretty pictures of snow covered trees and fields or of happy people recreating in the regal whiteness of winter.  Rain and snow may be inextricably linked, yet we tend to curse rain and celebrate the white stuff.  Rightfully so.

When was the last time you took a photo of a downpour?  Chances are you were too busy scurrying for shelter to even try.  Rain is that creepy precipitation that clings to you for too long after the conversation has officially ended and then forlornly puddles around your feet telling unending stories about how its back hurts.  Rain gets under your skin and then invites mud over for dinner.

Snow, on the other hand, glistens.  It interlocks in crystalline forms and makes wonderful projectiles.  Snow cloaks evergreens in white robes of wisdom.  True, though I love to ski on snow I can “water” ski if forced to but can you make a water fort?  The best you can do is make a moat, and those just turn into cesspools eventually.  Yes, we need water (and hence, rain) out of necessity to live, but we desire snow. Too much snow is almost never a bad thing, yet floods are never welcome. You get my point.

So as I sit here listening to the hiss of tires on wet streets, naturally I’m thinking of snow.  I’m dreaming of skiing this winter on the snow that is beginning to accumulate in the upper elevations of the Sierra Nevada right now.  I’m imagining the bite of cold air as I inhale, then closing my eyes while flakes tickle the bridge of my nose.  Sorry rain, I know that into every life a little of you must fall.  But now that October is upon us I can’t help but think of snow.

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