Happy People Ride Bicycles in the Snow


This comes as no surprise to me, but according to the UN sponsored World Happiness Report 2013, nations that are the most bicycle-friendly and have inhabitants that choose to ride bikes are some of the happiest on Earth (Denmark and the Netherlands).  In addition, (though some people might think this odd) the happiest countries are also those that deal with bleak winters.  In fact, excepting Australia, the entire top ten finds themselves situated in areas of the world that deal with long, cold winters.  Kind of makes me wonder why I live around here… and given the population density of this place it proves the truism “misery loves company”.

So given this data one can only assume that people out riding their bikes in the snow are some of the happiest people on the planet, don’t you think?  Seems to work for me.  I also feel vindicated in my choice of spending most of my vacation time in colder, (seemingly) bleaker parts of the world – I’m just chasing happiness.

If you don’t have the stomach for the entire 156 page UN report here’s a nice synopsis of the findings from National Geographic.

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2 Responses to Happy People Ride Bicycles in the Snow

  1. I ride my bikes all winter long. Riding in the snow doesn’t just make me happy — I’m downright giddy!

  2. Tom says:

    see? I told you it was true 🙂

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