Gold on the Ceiling


It’s Friday afternoon and I’m currently sweating an ever widening puddle as I try to cool down after a short, quick intense lunchtime bike ride – you have to fit them in when you can!  I figured I’d use a little positive visualization to help cool down and found this photo from 2 years ago, the last time I raced the Arrowhead 135.  Aaaaah that’s the stuff… there aint nothing like a sunrise after you’ve ridden through the night following fresh wolf tracks in new-fallen snow.  Please excuse me while I exhale a mental vapor ring into the chilly Minnesota morning air…

It’s gonna be a hot one out here in Socal this weekend so I think I’ll need every cold thought I can muster when the sun begins to beat down on me.  What furnace will you be throwing yourself into this weekend?  Whatever you plan on doing, may you find gold on the ceiling when you come out the other side.

“Those that go gold into the furnace will come out no worse” – Matthew Henry

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1 Response to Gold on the Ceiling

  1. A Fat Bike in the snow at sunset — what a beautiful sight! It brings a tear to my eyes! Also, great quote from Matthew Henry — I read his commentaries all the time.

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