Springing Forward

It’s amazing the difference a few weeks makes at this time of year. A little over 3 weeks ago when I left for Finland to race the Rovaniemi 150, the mornings were relatively cool (for southern California) and generally quiet.  Today I noticed for the first time how absolutely ALIVE the air is in the morning with birdsong, and how green everything has become!  Nothing like a few 80 degree days to get things germinating!  Or maybe it has something to do with having spent the past few weeks in the snowy worlds of Scandinavia and Russia, but it seems like even the bicycle fields are beginning to sprout around here.


The only thing not sprouting with new growth is my brain.  I must admit I’ve been a little brain dead since my return but some of the lessons learned during the course of my race are starting to sink in as my bodyclock slowly returns to GMT -8:00.  Just as it must have taken forever to tile all the interior walls of St Petersburg’s Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood with frescoes, so it is with me trying to convey what an incredible experience I had racing my bike in Finnish Lapland.  I can only hope the finished product (once I sit down and write it) will be as awe inspiring – ha!


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