How Far Is It?

I’m sure what happened to me while out riding the other day also happens quite frequently to others: you’re hammering into a headwind with frothy stuff accumulating in the corners of your mouth and snot streaming from your nose like Seabiscuit at Santa Anita when someone pulls up beside you in a car, rolls the window down and asks “Excuse me, are you familiar with this area? How much further is  ______ “.

I’m generally a pretty friendly person, but c’mon – can’t ya tell I’m working hard here?  I mean, I just ruptured a few capillaries in my eyes on that last hill back there.  Take a look at these salt stains on my jersey sleeves and ask yourself if in my current state of dehydration I’m in any condition to answer your question.  So I think from now on I’ll answer that question based on how long it takes to ride my bike to whatever destination they’re asking about.  I’m prepared for the blank stares.

Provincetown? Why that’s about 30 days ride from here, depending which way the wind is blowing of course… and how many photos I stop to take along the way.


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2 Responses to How Far Is It?

  1. Erika Nelson says:

    Wow people can really lack common sense!

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