Spiritual Geography

“Human beings, generally, seem to long for a specific place, a certain geography that gives them a sense of well-being” – Barry Lopez


I must admit, I’m a sucker for a mountain vista.  Standing at the foot of or on top of a mountain always instills a sense of calm in me.  I’m pretty sure this is my place.  Though I wander amongst throngs of people and navigate the corridors of our messy little world on a daily basis just like most of you do, if given the chance I always retreat to the mountains.  They are my refuge.  Even when standing within a crowd of people sometimes I return back here to the Eastern Sierra, look within the mirror of myself and listen to the wind of my thoughts.  After spending a few days in the mountains the past week I fully expect to find myself staring off into space at some time during the day when I return to work tomorrow.  Sometimes a soul’s gotta roam.

Where does your soul go to when you close your eyes?


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