Living La Vida Bontrager

“I tried to become a normal person and have a normal job, but that didn’t work” – Doug Coombs

I woke up this morning, made some strong black coffee and yelled at some cats Keith Bontrager-style while checking the most recent avalanche discussion for the Eastern Sierra.  Aaaah vacation, the time when the round peg can be himself and not worry about all that square peg “making a living” related stuff.  I’m not stressing about finishing a project at work while balancing my family-time with my slightly obsessive need to get out and explore the world around me, I’m just being me – whatever the hell that is.  I’m also extremely fortunate to be living in a place that affords me the luxury of having a wealth of interesting places to visit and explore.  Feels good to be going with the flow.


And I’m riding high on the crest of that wave.  The past few weekends I’ve done some incredibly varied rides, seen some amazing things and have still been home on time for dinner and quality time with my wife and fur-family.  I only wish that my family back East were here to enjoy this, especially my brother who has recently discovered the fat-biking world.  Every time I talk with him he’s pumped to be out on his Pugsley, must be genetic!  Enjoy the fat tires on the snow big bro!

One of these days I’ll unload my photographic and grey matter memory cards and share a taste of the past few weeks (like the photo above from Anza Borrego State Park). As always I’ve learned a few lessons about life by being out there experiencing the grandeur of the world around me. But right now I have ski and bike gear to pack, and maybe a cat or two to yell at while finishing up the rest of my coffee.  Time to live a little more.

“You can either live your life like a lamb, or live your life like a lion” – Jean Marc Boivin

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