WWKBD? (What Would Keith Bontrager Do?)

The rain is coming down in sheets as I stare out the window at the bike that sits atop the roof rack of my car in the office parking lot.  I had planned on riding today at lunch but am nursing a bruised motivation to ride for some reason.  I usually jump at the chance to ride in the rain, but today something just doesn’t feel right.  Maybe it’s the onset of the holiday blues or perhaps just the aftereffects of a tough ride this past Sunday, but for whatever reason here I sit forlornly surfing the internet on my lunch break searching for answers to questions I can’t quite accurately pose instead of pedaling away my office-induced frustration.  Although Google returns 17000 results in 0.59 sec for “why am I watching water drip from my bike handlebars instead of listening to the hiss of tires on pavement”, I still can’t seem to find a solution.  So much for the information age.

Luckily I happened upon a Dirt Rag Interview with Keith Bontrager in which I think I’ve discovered the key to happiness:

“When I’m home my days often go like this: Wake up, yell at the cats, drink very strong coffee, feed the livestock, water the garden, eat something, do my email, fiddle with bikes, go for a ride or run in the hills, check email, harvest, cook and eat dinner (with a beer), yell at the cats, go to bed. It’s a pretty basic life.”

Amen to that.  Now how do I get there from here?


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