My Toes are Becoming Frostbitten…

… and yet I still can’t stop smiling!  Kind of how I feel now that Monday is over and done with!

I really wish they’d run the Sheep Mountain 150 again (where this photo was taken) as I want another shot at it.  In 2010 I wasn’t tough enough and opted for the 100 miler, but I’d like to run the 150 if the organizer is ever able to get it up and running again.  Great course, great people, great scenery!  And this time I’d have a much better footwear system than I did that year – frostbite sucks!

Just looking at my gear in that photo makes me realize how unprepared I truly was for that race as I definitely had too much stuff in some areas and not enough in some important areas.  I was still trying to figure out how to carry water for extended periods in subzero temperatures (which is really difficult to simulate living in San Diego).  Some things you can only learn by doing and the hard earned lessons are definitely the most memorable ones.  I’ll refrain from adding my blistered toe picture to this post – I’m just glad I can still wiggle my toes as I look through some photos from that trip.  Good times – until we meet again, Alaska!

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