Not Much Longer Now…

Just spent five minutes living vicariously through others on Facebook with a quick status check of the various ski areas around the lower 48 that I keep tabs on.  It seems that a few from my old stomping grounds back East (Maine and Vermont, in particular) are buzzing with the potential of a little fresh snow in the next few days, not to mention that a check of the weather from International Falls (the starting point for the Arrowhead 135) shows that the white stuff is currently falling fast and furious.  Man I sure do miss watching the flakes fall during that first snowfall of the year! 

I might just go home and walk around the house with my ski boots on tonight.  And so it begins….

By the way, this photo is from my very first fat bike ride in the Eastern Sierra (and 3 weeks later I rode my first Arrowhead 135).  No wonder I’m hooked on these bikes, they get me to places I’d ordinarily never experience.

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2 Responses to Not Much Longer Now…

  1. Erika says:

    Always awesome photos from you! Are flakes from first snow fall usually bigger?

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