I’ve been riding my Pugsley loaded up with gear so much lately that I decided to strip it down naked and take it to the beach for a ride this morning.  It sure felt good to ride unburdened and just spin free for a while along the beach before work.  Luckily the authorities weren’t around.

I’m not sure why but I have it in my head that a beach bikepacking trip should be on my agenda sometime soon, probably due to having spent a good deal of time the past month in the winter vacation meccas of Minnesota and Alaska.  I just need to find a suitable stretch of beach for an overnight or two, and the time to get it done.  The fat wheels are turning…

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4 Responses to Naked

  1. Greg Flood says:

    Funny, that’s what I though when I first saw the pic you posted in FB too, she’s nekkid.

  2. Tom says:

    It actually felt light for once!

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  4. Errin says:

    Keep me in mind for your overnighter. We usually go to Catalina in November if you’re interested. I took the Mukluk last year. Good stuff.

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