Laugh if you will, but oftentimes as I sleep on the ground during my solo trips I am visited in my dreams by animals.  No, I haven’t quite lost my mind yet but it happens enough to see a trend.  I can only imagine that while I toss and turn within the tight confines of my bivy sack during the night they roam the contours and folds of my brain matter, hunting.  What they are looking for I have no idea, but if you look closely in this photo you can see exactly what I mean.  I love the texture in the mud on this shot.

I’ll be back to this topic soon, but for the time being wild animals lurk within the shadows of my thought process.  When it’s time I know where to look for them.  Just follow the track.

“It is the track that connects us to that grand consciousness and expands us to limitless horizons.” – Tom Brown

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