I spend a lot of time looking at maps for some reason.  Always have, always will.  Even in the digital age where Google Earth can take me anywhere on the globe within a few mouse clicks, I still enjoy the simple pleasure of laying out a map on the living room floor to plan a trip. Well, as long as one of our cats is not awake and prowling that is – everything’s a shreddable plaything to a cat and the floor is their territory.  But if you look at things with the right eye (and the cats are feeling lazy) the perfect line can jump right out at you.

There is just such a line through San Diego county that has been begging me to ride it for a few years now: Anza to Borrego Springs via Coyote Canyon, Borrego Springs to Ocotillo Wells via the Borrego Badlands, Ocotillo Wells to the Laguna Mountains via Fish Creek Wash, then down through Cuyamaca State Park finishing up with a run down Noble Canyon.  155+ miles almost entirely off road. Sandy washes, big climbs and possibly some snow in the higher elevations. 

If the weather holds, those lines will finally be connected over the course of a few days next week.  Time to saddle up the Pugsley.  Giddyup.

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1 Response to Giddyup

  1. Pat says:

    Sounds like an awesome ride. Yes the map spread out on a table is inspiring and adds adventure to the planning process. Safe journeys.

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